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We are all about customer service!

Happy Clients are our number one goal.

We work tirelessly to offer you a seamless, stress free, + beautiful design experience. 


There are many reasons to work with a professional Interior Design Firm to complete your project. Clients and builders find that working with a Designer saves time + money, creates less mistakes throughout the project, + creates beautiful results. 

Please click on the buttons below for more information about working with us. 

"Working with you with our business was beyond a pleasure, and moving on to our home will bring a wonderful talent and creative energy that is well needed!

It’s been 2 years since Brittany and I worked together on renovations and redesign of the Mustard Seed, Mt. Pleasant. You did wonders with your design choices and every day we get compliments and kudos proving that your choices are current yet classic. For all the reasons above, we couldn't imagine a more wonderful person to work with who is tuned in and makes our lives easier.

We are so confident in Brittany’s ability to deliver quality design and creatives that speak to exactly what we are envisioning. We found that you are truly a pleasure to work with. When working with you, we know we are going to get high quality customer service and high quality results as well as staying in our budget constraints.

Brittany you are always thinking about the best interests of our business and thinking outside the box. You helped us look at angles that we missed and added value to us in ways we didn’t even anticipate.

We can’t wait to work with you for our residential property in our Home Sweet Home and we are excited for the outcome. We know it will be extraordinary!"

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